About us

Team Work

A winning combination is a rarity and when it happens, wonderful creations are bound to come true.

HappyWise Financial Services is one such wonder that is taking shape because of a winning combination that has come together to realise our “common goals”. As we financially serve for several families, individuals & quite a few business persons we already feel it’s been very long since this magic happened.

Nirmal and Pruthveesh have known each other for 14 years now, and the merits of having a partner to jointly serve clients and help them achieve their life goals gave birth to HappyWise Financial Services.

Pruthveesh MG

Pruthveesh MG


Pruthveesh has over 10 years experience in the financial advisory domain. His exposure in the industry led to the identification that there is a lot of value to be created for individuals and their families, geared him towards providing unbiased financial advice and wealth management services.

His fields of expertise include Goal based planning, Wealth Management, Tax Planning, Loans, Asset Valuation, Investments and Insurance Products. His other interests are playing Cricket, Travelling & Numismatics.

Nirmal Jain

Nirmal Jain


Nirmal has over 14 years of experience in the financial industry as an Independent Financial Advisor.

His fields of expertise include Holistic Financial Services, Debt and Equity markets, Client psychology & understanding, Alternative investments, Risk Management, Portfolio and Plan review.

His other interests are reading, writing, food & travel!

Our Goal

Pruthveesh MG Nirmal Jain

We are tirelessly committed towards making Financial Services the ethos of a fast progressing India and a truly stronger middle class. Before concluding this story, with a deeply felt conviction we wish to share that we dream of making HappyWise Financial Services a truly global brand in the decades to come knowing you are all cruising with us towards that destination.

So, make no delays and embark on this journey with us! See you at our first goal setting meet up!