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Expect a friend with financial direction & clarity for your life from HappyWise because our solutions is well researched, disciplined, profitable & values your financial goals.
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For A Happy Financial Life & A Wise Investments Portfolio

At HappyWise we help you identify the financial support system you need to have in place for every aspect of the ideal lifestyle you’ve dreamt – whether it’s a owning a home on the beach, spending three years traveling the world or both.

After identification we get you grounded in the reality of numbers, research costs and project price tags so that you can see your dream broken down to tangible next set of steps and achievable targets.

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We are here to help you take control of your financial future.
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Happiness and Wisdom
elude those that never created a financial plan.

Our Happy & Wise Clients

  • Sujay Kumar

    Pruthveesh has been of great help in planning my investments in my home country India. He has supported me through short term Financial Services while helping me work towards longer term financial objectives.

    He has been helpful in making me understand and cover my risks and plan for my family and future. Pruthveesh has consistently provided warm & responsive service.

  • Sumit Bengani

    Practicing Chartered Accountant

    Have been associated with Nirmal for my investments and planning for 5+ years now. Being in similar field he has been of great help to get a second opnion and help me in my personal family investment approach and decision making. Also, I have been a great fan of goal based investment planning approach and I recommend to one and all.

  • Mrs & Mr. R.Kiran

    GM, SAIL, Rourkela Steel Plant

    Mr. Pruthveesh is our Financial Consultant for about a year and a half. His contribution towards my Financial Services was immense. Before the Corona Pandemic all the products suggested by him were growing at a steady pace.

    My learnings from him are:
    1. Have a goal based investment like for children’s education, own retirement, buying some property etc.
    2. It is important to invest regularly and treat investment as a necessary expense.
    3. It is important to time the entry and exit on goals previously fixed and not on whims or gut feeling.
    Finally I can say Mr.Pruthveesh was of great help in understanding the intricacies of investment planning. He has a good knowledge in this field, ability to convince and encourage good and effective investments, eye for harnessing the right opportunity and a sense of concern for his clients.

  • Dr.Prashanth YM

    Consultant Cardiovascular & Thoracic Surgeon,
    CMI ASTER Hospitals

    Holistic financial advice was what I got from Mr. Pruthveesh. Knowledge and passion in his field of work, dedication to clients, business excellence and education sets him apart. He has taken time to help me set my short term and long term goals and has provided me with a realistic solution to get there. He has helped me to have a balanced portfolio taking into account my liabilities. I recommend Mr. Pruthveesh to anyone who wants to achieve a secure financial future.

  • Mr. Vishwas.


    "Nirmal and Pruthveesh were very friendly right from the initial contact. They explained what the financial planning journey would entail which helped answer all the questions I had in mind.
    After working with them for the past two months, I can confidently say they are genuinely interested in helping you make the most out of your wealth and plan for the better."

HappyWise Data
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HappyWise follows industry best practices for transferring & storing all client data. Your data is stored on servers secured by state of the art intrusion prevention & detection technology. All transfers of data between your device and servers are encrypted.

Access to data even by HappyWise personnels is subject to strict data access policies. Peace of mind on the end of security of your data is more than assured.