Holistic Financial Plan

The key feature of this service is to help realise a detailed financial plan for you [and your family [as might be applicable and needed]]. Through this service we assist you in prudent investment decision making, offer continuous and ongoing financial advice like a true financial friend, as and when the need arises, and empower you with elaborate technology strength to monitor your finances in one place.

The cost for this plan is fixed at Rs. 18,000/- per annum inclusive of GST. This plan ensures no conflict of interests and assures maximum client interest, as we do not sell any products and keenly advise our clients about the best low cost and high returns options available, at all stages of this advisory relationship.

Post first year completion, the renewal charges would be applicable annually thereafter. The services year on year would include everything mentioned above, including delivery of revised financial plan as per changes during the year in goals and financial position.

This plan includes

  • Comprehensive Goal Based Financial Planning [Incl of Retirement Planning]
  • 1 Yr Access to HappyWise Live Tracker Software Tool with Exclusive User Credentials for Live Tracking of all Investments, Assets, Liabilities And Cash Flows
  • Income Tax Optimization, Planning & Filing
  • Unbiased Ongoing Investment Recommendations
  • Education Around Financial Products and Planning [Webinars/Seminars]
  • Portfolio Management and Advise
  • Performance Monitoring of Financial Plan
  • Periodic Reviews of the Plan [Quarterly with 1 Major Annual Review]
  • Opportunity Alerts for Investments, Financial Education & Savings

The Financial Planning Process